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Trading conditions

All forwarding activities of Belsped Team Logistic Co. are subject to the General Hungarian Forwarding Conditions (MÁSZF).

a.)  Definition of the groupage goods, international groupage service

Standard commercial goods, not excluding the following parameters:

Weight: 1 colli >1000 kg

Length: 1 colli > 250 cm

Width: 1 colli >150 cm

Collection of consignments exceeding the above parameters are subject to individual offers and agreement.

The definition of the consignment: goods conveyed from one collection address to one delivery address as one unit. Rates and charges are applied by consignments.

General basis of calculation (unless otherwise agreed): 1 m3 = 300 kg or 1 loadingmeter = 1750 kg. The smallest unit: 100 kg. Chargable weight is counted rounding up to 100 kg. Freight calculation takes place based on declared volume. However Belsped Team Logistics reserves the right to control declared volume information and in case of discrepancies to take a protocol and to modify chargeable rate.

Belsped Team Logistic Co. takes over consignments only properly packed for transport or on pallet. Packages must be labelled with warning signs and pictograms for special handling (e.g. fragile, dangerous, etc.) as well as with individual marks and numbers necesarry for identification. In case of need and upon individual order Belsped Team Logistic Co. is ready to manage both packing and labelling. Belsped Team Logistic ZRT. is not responsible for damages due to insufficient packing.

Export and import groupage traffic run through the warehouse of Belsped Team Logistic ZRT. In general groupage consignments are managed with transhipment:

transit warehouse Budapest, Táblás utca – destination country transit warehouse – transit warehouse Budapest, Táblás utca

In abroad both in export and import direction consignments will be onforwarded through the warehouse of Belsped’s partner company. In export the partner company will advise the consignee about the arrival and takes care of delivery as well as customs clearance and the fulfillment of other instructions in the order. In import the same will be managed by Belsped Team Logistic ZRT.

b.)  International full truck load service

II./ Order:

Orders need to be presented for Belsped Team Logistic Co. in writing 48 hours prior toagreed date of loading. In case of existing frame agreement between Principal and Belsped Team parties can agree in presenting orders by phone with subsequent written confirmation. The orders can be cancelled on the day before the planned loading day till 12 a.m. In case of delayed cancellation Belsped Team Logistic Co. has the right to charge cancellation fee. Orders must clearly show all special instructions, conditions of gods or the collection/ delivery (e.g.: fragile goods, tempreture sensitive goods, unusal opening hours, etc.). Failure to do so Belsped Team Logistic Co. is not responsible for any damage or losses which may occure during transportation or handling. Goods, which require special treatment and handling will be taken over by Belsped Team Logistic Co. only with individual agreement prior to loading.

III./ Receiving of goods

The Principal is responsible to attach the necessary documents which need to accompany the goods. The Principal is responsible for the content of the documents. Belsped Team Logistc Co. issues all documentation according to the Principal's declaration, but reserves the right to check weight, volume or content in case of visible discrepancies or other good reason. Results will be given in a protocol. Freight and other charges will always be charged upon real weight and volume. In reasonable case Belsped Team Logistic Co. can reject to take over consignment. In these case the Principal is responsible to pay he cost in the ratio of the work provided.

IV./ Delivery of goods

The export and import groupage traffic runs by transhipment through the transit warehouse of Belsped Team Logistic Ltd Co. and its forwarding partners abroad. In case of export goods the partner of Belsped Team Logistic Co. advises the actual consignees about the arrival and the expected time of delivery.

In case of import goods Belsped Team Logistic Co. informs the given consignees and follows their instructions.

Belsped Team Logistic Co. arranges the necessary customs procedure by the order of the consignee in case the goods arrive from out of the European Union countries as well as recording data in the Intrastat instead of the Principal.

V./ Inland transportation:

a./ Delivery and collection rates connected to the groupage transportaton services are listed in separate tariff. b./ Rates connected to logistic services are defined in individual contracts. c./ Rates of express delivery/ collection service as well as courier services are governed by individual contracts where the smallest volume makes 1 kg and the biggest volume makes 50 kg.

Goods arriving in Belsped Team Logistic Co. groupage store will be delivered in Budapest within 1 business day, in the country within 2 business days, unless alteratively instructed by the Principal. Deliveries will be effected on working days from 7,00 till 17,30. The Principal should assure the take over the delivered shipments within the above time frame. Contracts may govern delivery time frames alternatively. In case of urgancy or emergency delivery, an urgancy surcharge of 50% can be applied unless otherwise agreed. In case of ADR goods +25% surcharge applies unless otherwise agreed.

Free of charges waiting time: 30 minutes. Exceeding the free period every 30 minutes of thewaiting is subject to demurrage according to the actual contract or agreement.

VI./ Payment conditions:

Payment of invoices can be done by bank transfer in 8 calendar days unless otherwise agreed by the parties. In case of delayed payment Belsped Team Logistic Co. applies default interest according to the commercial standards. In case of delayed payments exceeding 30 days unpaid invoices will be automatically transferred to Intrum Justitia td. for collection. Collection costs, and the eventually occured legal costs as well as default interest are to be paid by the Principal above the freight and related expenses.

VII./ Insurances:

Belsped Team Logistic Co. activities are covered by proper forwarding and transportation liability insurance. Cargo insurance is the Principal's responsibility and obligation. In case of need Belsped Team Logistic Co. is ready to conclude cargo insurance with reliabler insurance companies on the Principal's behalf and expenses upon its expressed order. In case of damage or loss the risk and responsability is governed by the General Hungarian Forwarding Conditions (MÁSZF). Compensations falling under the responsibility of Belsped Team Logistic Co. will be covered by its insurance company.

VIII./ Legal disputes:

Belsped Team Logistic Co. acts according to the eneral Hungarian Forwarding Conditions (MÁSZF). In case of legal disputes - after unsuccessful agreement - the Pesti Central District Court decides.